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mythic garden dartmoor 2004

‘The Mythic Garden’, Dartmoor, Devon 2004

The is the single exhibition to date where I have only shown only stone carvings. The venue for the Mythic Garden was stunning: a large garden on the edge of the high moors that houses the national collections of birch and alder trees. Artworks were dotted throughout the space, so there was plenty of room around each one and a wide variety of possible locations to site pieces.




I don’t carve stone that often: to be honest, working with wood is really where I’m happiest. It was an interesting change though and I’m very grateful to have had the chance to put work into this lovely spot.



Bristol 'Festival of Stone' 2013

Bristol ‘Festival of Stone’ carving competition

This public stone carving competition made an interesting change from woodcarving. It was also a chance to carve alongside my brother Duncan Park, who works with stone.


Duncan and Alistair Park


I wouldn’t say that my piece was anywhere near the standard of many of the other competitors, but tackling an accurate portrait in a fairly unfamiliar material, in public, to a tight deadline was challenge enough! It was great fun and the weather was fantastic too.

Stone and Meerschaum Carving

Now and again, I like to try carving something other than wood. Although it must be said that working with timber is where I am happiest, a challenge is always good too. The carving above was shown at the ‘Mythic Garden‘ exhibition near Drewsteignton, Devon in the summer of 2004. Apparently the stone originally came from a wall facing which fell off the ‘Queen’s Building’ at Exeter University years before.


Stone carving at the Mythic garden on Dartmoor


This is another stone carving, of sorts. It was carved on and off between 1997 and 2002 and is a pipe bowl made of meerschaum that represents the green man, with fruit, birds and a snail hidden in the foliage. These photos were taken before the finishing wax had been applied. The bowl has not had a stem made for it yet.


green man meerschaum pipe bowl


handcarved meerschaum pipe bowl one of a kind