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Links that might be of interest :

Medieval-style woodcarving tools, blades forged by Dave Budd

Other woodworkers, designers, makers and carvers

forestofavonproducts.co.uk : Bristol based cooperative of wood users and growers

roundwooddesign.co.uk : Roundwood timber constructions

touchwoodenterprises.co.uk : Timber constructions and furniture

timsteadfurniture.co.uk : Distinctive furniture based on the late Tim Stead’s designs

iannorbury.com : Incredible and distinctive carvings

peterrandall-page.com : Interesting stone carvings from a well-established maker

deansart.co.nz : Wood sculpture by NZ artist Paul Deans

kathryngarner.co.uk : Artist and Biologist

dendrophile.co.uk : Sculptor Phil Young, using metal and wood to make stretched and contorted forms

mewstonemasonry.co.uk : Stone carving by Pippa Unwin, who is based in Devon

seitfudem-sculptor.com : Joachim Seitfudem, a skilled woodcarver and artist based in Bristol

Exhibition Spaces

Mythic Garden, Dartmoor, Devon

Centrespace gallery, Bristol

Grant Bradley gallery, Bristol

Other makers and sites that might be of interest

richardlong.org : Walking artist

chrisdrury.co.uk : Environment-based art

concordia-iye.org.uk : Concordia voluntary projects

RoseSanderson.com : Fantastic paintings of insects

stwerburghspottery.co.uk : Steve Carter’s domestic thrown ceramics

inbristol.org : Bristol studios- lots of different makers in different media

opinel-musee.com : The history of my favourite carving tool-English language option available

stwerburghs.org : The local site for a very creative part of Bristol

bristollifedrawing.wordpress.com : Life drawing classes run by Will Stevens, which are good value in my opinion

steveengland.co.uk : A naturalist and educator working in Bristol, with a few stories to tell

www.davidpschofield.me : David Schofield, who helped design and build this site