Carved Wooden Knife Handles

This knife handle was carved for a commission in 2011. The buyer gave me his own designs and I carved them onto the beechwood handle of a number 10 Opinel lock knife. The handle is 10.5 cm (41/4") long. As this was the type of knife with which I learnt to carve, it ws very exciting for me and the whole carving was done using my own Opinel, which is also shown here.


The knife at the top is the carved commission. It's easy to see on this image how much metal has been sharpened off the blade of my knife over the last 21 years- both blades would have once been the same size.


The blade of the knife to be carved was extended and wrapped in thick card, to give more to hold on to when working. Work in progress can be seen below.

...and here are two images of the completed handle, finished with a very light sanding and then linseed oil...

Here's another, which was carved for a commission a couple of months later. The knife is an oak-handled EKA. The client drew a (very good) representation of his idea for me to carve, which includes his son's initials, the sun and the moon.

The last knife handle that I carved for a commission was way back in 1997! This was in New South Wales, Australia, and was made for a very talented Spanish leatherworker. In exchange for me carving a walnut-handled knife that belonged to him, he made a pouch for my carving knife. He loved Celtic designs and so the knife has a celtic-style dog's head on the pommel. I still have the beautiful pouch that he made for me to this day. Here are two images of his knife: