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carved wooden hibiscus awarded peaches golding 2019

A Hibiscus flower awarded to Peaches 2019

For the last four years, I have made the ‘Jackie Collins Woman of the Year‘ award for the cancer charity Penny Brohn UK, which is awarded to women who have not only been very successful in their public lives but have also fought cancer.

The carved hibiscus flower is about life size and was given to Peaches Golding, the Lord Lieutenant of Bristol, in 2019. It was carved using timbers from the area around the city, including pieces of the historic North Junction lock gate, which opened into the harbour, as well as small bits of mast from the famous ship the SS Great Britain. Each timber is identified, along with the place that it came from, in text carved onto the base.

This particular subject was chosen for the sculpture as she often wears a hibiscus flower that has been grown by her husband.


penny brown uk awarded peaches golding


It always feels like an honour to be given the opportunity to make these awards. This is Peaches Golding receiving it: the image was supplied by Penny Brohn UK and is credited to Lumiosa.


peaches golding

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