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Penny Brohn UK Jackie Collins Inspirational Woman of the Year award to Jo Malone

Making the Jackie Collins Inspirational Woman of the Year Award 2017

This is presented every year by the cancer charity¬†Penny Brohn UK. For the last two years, I have been asked to carve the award itself, using pieces of timber from a cedar tree which grew in the grounds of the charity’s offices in Bristol. Each award is different in design and effort is put into making each one personal to the person receiving it.

In 2017, the recipient was the perfume designer Jo Malone. Her new line of fragrances uses the scent of pomelo as its keynote and so I came up with some designs based around the leaves and flowers of pomelos.

There were a few considerations that influenced the design of the award. Jo is a practical person, so it needed to be a useful object. It also had to be created from a piece of cedar that I already had, left over after making the award for the previous year.

Penny brohn uk award

The piece was also going to be engraved with an inscription suggested by Jo’s personal assistant: Passion, Resilience and Creativity.

A bowl was the perfect, practical item to make. Pomelo leaves are quite distinctive; they have a second pair of leaf lobes coming out from the stalk (or petiole) and so that was worked into the design. Most of the bowl was carved using power tools, as the cedar seemed easier to work with when using them.

carving a wooden bowl

I was very happy with the finished bowl, as were the people at Penny Brohn UK and hopefully Jo herself. All in all, a really nice project to be involved with.

Jo Malone award

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